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A great human team prepared to respond to your needs.

We are not just another real estate agency, but a very human team that has created this real estate brokerage based in Alcorcón – Madrid and with a commercial structure throughout Spain. We are specialized in large clients and attend to their demands at any point in the national geography.

We advise throughout the process and analyze the real estate market, for the best sale and/or rental of your property. We always strive to exceed your expectations.

We guarantee confidentiality and attention and personalized service from the first contact until the signing of the purchase-sale or rental contract.

Our Agents are specialized in the valuation of all types of real estate and its commercial suitability in the area, purchase, sale, rental and transfer of real estate, inheritances.

Valora Vivienda Real Estate Solutions offers a wide range of services: from the Appraisal of your home to know exactly the current market value, in order to achieve a better sale; search for the perfect property for the buyer, the individual and the company; as well as the commercial management of your property, both the signing of the rental contract and the purchase-sale of the property. Our main services include:

Brokerage / Appraisal: we guarantee competent and quality real estate brokerage services, based on exhaustive knowledge of the real estate market in the area and extensive experience in this sector. We will help you get the best price on the market and find the perfect property for buyers.

Consultancy: we will explain in detail the current market situation and we will offer advice and advice on all issues that may arise as an owner, buyer or tenant.

Documentation: We will take care of the preparation and management of the necessary documentation for the signing of the corresponding contract of sale or rental. This way you can focus on what really matters to you. Our knowledge of state regulations and the necessary documentation is the best basis to guarantee the legal correctness of any action you carry out with us.

We are professionals based on our experience of more than 15 years in the real estate sector and based on a title of Real Estate Agents.


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